We work with small to medium sized businesses that have 1-10 sales professionals across many industries, franchise types and start-ups that market products or services to other businesses.

To effectively lead and manage a high performing sales team can be complex. It doesn’t rely on any one person to make a difference, it’s the process. There is no quick fix or a cookie-cutter approach to achieve a highly effective sustainable sales team in the today’s fast paced economy.

Your future success starts with accessing our part-time, fractional sales management leadership that follow a six-step formula to help you increase lead generation, improve selling efficiency, leverage technology and build a proven repeatable sales process that can consistently grow revenue, create predictability, develop and improve your salesforce. Our process-oriented approach can drive greater results from a pipeline of opportunities at a fraction of the cost for a full-time sales leader.

An outsourced sales leader can deliver the expertise and experience that most small or medium business cannot afford on a full-time basis in a similar dynamic to when you engage a specialist like legal counsel, an accountant, financial advisor or an insurance broker.

The bottom line is that sales effectiveness is not about time it’s about talent. A sound sales strategy and exceptional selling process will outperform your competitor’s sales superstars every time.

To run an effectively functioning sales operation that has, at its core, a strategic-minded selling focus you need to take a holistic view and examine the many components that make the overall sales process. Excellence is in the details – there’s no running away from that. In order to envision a desired future state, you need to know where you are currently. Once you do you can plan the sales initiatives that need to put in place, identify/overcome the barriers to your success and define the metrics you’ll use to measure progress.

That is where Outsourced Sales Pros comes in. Schedule a 15-minute business fitness webinar or call us for an in-person meeting to learn more.

Outsourced Sales Pros Kendley Davenport

With more than 30 years of leadership experience in a wide array of industries, building high-performance teams and developing innovative solutions, Kendley is now an accomplished leader and strategist.  His vision and expertise provide a strong basis for developing processes that fuel an organization’s growth and success.  Kendley has a proven track record of greatly enhancing organizations’ sales performance and leading dynamic teams with an emphasis on developing people, creating exceptional operating efficiencies, establishing a profitable growth culture, and driving innovation.