How To Stay Safe From Online Casino Scams – Digestley|How To Stay Safe From Online Casino Scams

How to Stay Safe from Online Casino Scams – Digestley|How to Stay Safe from Online Casino Scams

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How to Stay Safe from Online Casino Scams

There are many online casinos in Sweden to choose from. Some of them are more popular, some are less popular. Some casinos offer very attractive bonuses and offers that sound almost too good to be true, so how to stay safe from online casino scams, one might ask.

It is important to choose legit online casinos to have a safe and relaxed gaming experience. So we have gathered a list of red flags and things to consider when choosing an online casino.

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Be Smart When Using Bonuses

One thing to look at when searching for legit online casinos is their bonus system. Many online casinos offer some form of welcome bonus to get people to register on their site. Several types of bonuses can be offered such as free spins in selected games, free-of-charge sports bets, and others.

However, it’s not always champagne and roses, and the biggest hurdle when enjoying online bonuses is the wagering requirement.

“Faran med omsättningskrav ligger i det faktum att många spelare under processen gång ger upp och slutar försöka uppfylla kraven, vilket innebär att bonusen brinne inne. Så det är bättre att välja ett casino som är villiga att ge en bonus utan insättningskrav.”

Sometimes the bonus seems too good to be true so here are a few key elements to look at:

  • Does it require you to deposit money to receive the bonus? If yes, be extra careful and read the requirements of receiving the bonus afterward. Some online casino scams use multilayer schemes where the recipient has to go through multiple slow and complicated steps to receive the bonus.
  • Does the bonus seem too good to be true? If yes, be careful when reading all the requirements and rules to receive the bonus. It might be so that once you read the full list of rules of the bonus, you might not even be eligible to receive it.

Don’t Play Games With Low RTP

Furthermore, return to the player, also known as RTP, can signal if a casino is a scam. If a casino offers games from unknown casino software providers that do not have any available information on the RTP, or there is a super-low casino RTP, it can be considered a fraud. As they do not provide any information on RTP it might be that once you play a game, the casino always seems to win.

Here are quick tips about RTP in an online casino:

  • Do not play games that have no RTP rate available anywhere.
  • If an RTP rate is less than 80%, consider if you want to start playing.
  • If a casino offers a game with more than 98% of RTP, there also might be a trick to it.

Keep Your Personal Data Safe

Scams using personal data are one of the most common ones. Your name, bank details, and personal information are very valuable and can be sold to other companies for a large amount of money and can be stolen from the casino if they do not have good security systems in place.

So always be extra careful when providing your data anywhere online. Think twice if the information needed is required by the casino. If you notice that the casino is asking for unnecessary information, think carefully if you really want to provide it.

Many poor quality casinos try to save money on security so always check if the casino site has their site protected and it has HTTPS in their URL. It guarantees that data is encrypted when transferring in both directions. This means that it is much harder to steal your data.

Ensure a Safe Withdrawal Process

Having a fast withdrawal process is growing in popularity of casino games since people use volatile payment options such as cryptocurrencies. So online casino payment delays can be considered as one of the red flags. Some casinos might purposely delay payment or not pay at all hoping that the player will forget about it.

Commonly if a person tries to contact customer support they will give some minor issue that might be slowing down the process. They might also blame your bank for the delay in trying to blame other parties involved.

To avoid this, choose a site that offers many payment options, including PayPal as one of them. As PayPal is very strict with verification, if a casino offers it as a payment method, it can be considered as a good sign. Also, be careful when reading the payment terms and conditions and check if they work for you.


To conclude, it is possible to avoid scamming online casinos if you are attentive to details such as bonuses provided, RTP rates, withdrawal process, and personal data that the casino requires. Overall it is better to check out each of the elements carefully before joining a casino site. In addition, it helps to learn as many tips as possible to have a great gambling experience.