Too many businesses lack a unified sales process which leverages selling techniques and best practices used by the most effective sales professionals. A superior company-wide sales process makes your entire team more effective and lessens the reliance on superstars.

There are many benefits to a proven and repeatable company-wide sales process that include:

  • Improve performance of new hires and low performers by creating a proven step-by-step sales process
  • Bring the performance of your middle-of-pack performers closer to become top performers as the company system incorporates the best practices and steps used by the best salespeople
  • Make sales results more predictable as the sales process is ‘staged’
  • By knowing the quantity and quality of prospects at each stage, your sales forecasting will become more accurate
  • Lowers the cost to onboard and train a new salesperson
  • Sales superstars can’t hold you hostage anymore because you now have the “formula” for success
  • When a sales person leaves your organization, your sales process doesn’t leave with them because you own the sales process

Outsourced Sales Pros utilize a SalesQB approach which is a proprietary process called SalesMapping™ to discover your best practices and competitive advantages then turns these into a proven and repeatable sales process.

Outsourced Sales Pros sales Roadmap
Outsourced Sales Pros Sales QB


Our SalesQB audit provides an objective review of all of the key elements required to align and manage a sales team which results in sales consistency and predictability. This audit requires just 90 minutes of the business owner / leaders time to review 35 key areas that are used to build a sales roadmap for your business. Then, within 7-10 business days you will be receive a one hour to ninety minutes debrief along with an extensive report that outlines your current status based upon similar businesses and makes recommendations for improvement.